7 Tips for a Stress Free Wedding Morning


The morning of your wedding can easily be one of the most stressful mornings of your life. There’s so many things going on at once and then there’s the anxiety of everything coming together how you hope. But planning ahead can make everything so much easier. We’ve compiled a list of seven things you can do ahead of time to make the big morning so much easier.


Photo credit:  www.deborahpeacock.com

Photo credit: www.deborahpeacock.com

Choose your room carefully.

The best space to get ready in is one  with abundant natural light. If possible, choose a room with neutral colors, and try to keep things neat and tidy throughout the morning. If details are important to you, have everything you’d like photographed laid out and waiting for your photographer—a full invitation set, veil, any special pieces of jewelry/heirlooms, shoes,etc.


Choose attire for your bridesmaids.

Photo credit:  www.garterandwhiskey.com

We've seen some Adorable outfits while on weddings!  We’re all big fans of Plum Pretty Sugar  and Grice Grove. We love how they offer Getting Ready sets for their pajamas, robes, and rompers!).it’s a gift that will not only be beautiful in our photos, but they’ll enjoy for years to come!


Create a playlist.

They say music makes everything better. Put together a playlist of your favorite jams to enjoy that will make you forget all about the stressful aspects of the day. Sing your favorite songs as loud as you can and dance it out! Later on, you’ll have this playlist as a sweet memory from your wedding day.


Photo credit:  www.danielstancil.com

Photo credit: www.danielstancil.com

Give your phone to someone else.

You will want to be fully present for these special moments!.  pass your phone off on the morning of the wedding so you can fully soak up time celebrating with family and loved ones without the urge to reply to text messages or scroll through social media.


Assign Someone to be Gatekeeper

On the wedding day you don't want to be answering silly questions like the groomsman who is asking for the 100th time , "what time is the wedding?" Seriously??!!!   Give one of your most trusted bold besties the honor of keeping you sane and being your buffer and bodyguard on the morning of your wedding.


Photo credit:  www.benvigil.com

Photo credit: www.benvigil.com

Don’t skip breakfast or lunch!  

Appetite is the first thing to go when you get anxious, but the last thing you want is my stomach rumbling during the ceremony!  have a plan for breakfast, lunch, plenty of snacks, and a few mimosas for the wedding morning so no one goes hungry! And drink plenty of water!


Photo credit:  www.garterandwhiskey.com

Have a plan.

This is arguably the most important tip! wedding morning can fly by, and you want to make sure you have plenty of time for hair and makeup without feeling rushed! Your wedding day is perhaps the one day you don’t want to be fashionably late :) The team you choose for your wedding preparations should have a written timeline and be experienced enough to handle any wedding day craziness without skipping a beat! The wedding morning is not the time you want to cut corners on your schedule. Make sure that not only is there enough time for all your hair and makeup, but that there is a bit of a buffer to allow for life's little unscripted moments.


Most of all, Enjoy each moment! And remember, it's the crazy little unexpected things that happen that you and your friends will look back on and laugh at years later. Happy Wedding Planning!