5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Bridal Beauty Team

Congratulations, You’re engaged!! Right after you say , ‘Yes!’ your mind begins whirring with all the possibilities and details of planning the perfect wedding. Where will it be? When will it be? What will you wear? With so many big decisions looming ahead; hair and makeup might get put on the back burner.

Use these tips for finding and booking the hair and makeup team that is right for you.


Brushworx Bridal Tip #1- Book earlier than you think you need to.


We tell brides, “ It’s never too early to book, but it can very quickly become too late!”

Great hair and makeup teams, just like sought after venues, can book a year or more in advance. If you find an artist/team you mesh with and you love their work- don’t hold out looking for a ‘deal’. Book!


Brushworx Bridal Tip #2- Find a Team/Artist you’re comfortable with


Finding an artist/team who’s work you love is just part of the process. You also need to feel comfortable with them on a personal level. Your hair and/or makeup artist is probably the first vendor you will see on your wedding day and they may even be with you for multiple events if you use them for bridal portraits and rehearsal dinner. Finding someone who is fun, easy going, organized, and brings a calming presence to your wedding day is priceless!


Brushworx Bridal Tip #3-  Trust Your Vendor Referrals


If you’ve hired an event planner or photographer, ask them who they like to refer for hair and makeup. Planners and photographers have to work closely with beauty teams on things such as timing, lighting, schedules,and collaborating on style. They will know which companies show up on time and stick to a timeline  or the artists that they don’t have to photoshop their bad makeup. It’s important that your hair and makeup artists are professional, timely , and play well with others!


Brushworx Bridal Tip #4 - Don’t get Pinterest blinded!


Pinterest can be a great resource for hair and makeup inspiration! However, the untrained eye may not realize that what you see is not always what it reality. Many hairstyles have multiple sets of extensions or hair pads to achieve the fullness. And many makeup photos have been retouched to achieve the soft focus look or a certain glow that would not appear the same in real life. Send your photos to your artist before you see them for a trial and share your likes about each one. Ask for their honest opinion of what is needed to achieve your ‘dream look’ and if it is a realistic expectation.


Brushworx Bridal Tip #5- Choose a Pro. Not a Friend

One of the saddest things we hear from brides is that they did a ‘trial’ run with their bestie or with ‘Aunt Mary’ with hair or makeup because it was offered for free and ‘they do their own hair/makeup so well!’Only, their trial Didn’t go so well and now they have to deal with hurting someones’ feelings. Doing your own hair/makeup well is Very different from being able to do someone elses! Pros charge for the knowledge of being able to work with all hair types and textures under a variety of weather conditions and knowing how to deal with all skin types . We study extensively to understand what every shape of eye and type of bone structure needs to look it’s best on camera. Also, we know how to handle the stress of a wedding day without it affecting our work or distracting us from our mission- to make you Stunning! You will have all eyes on you during your wedding day, not to mention pictures you’ll be showing off for decades to come. Feeling confident and proud of how amazing you look for that is Priceless!